Club Committees

The Deer Valley Women’s Golf Club is a volunteer organization and is operated by the Officers and a number of operational committees. 
You are encouraged to support the club by volunteering.

Committee Chairs:  The following chairpersons (first named on the lists below) are to attend all Board Meetings if possible and or provide the President with a report prior to the Board Meetings.

AGA Rep –  Nancy Ward, CoChair Vicki Mitchell

Birdies – Nancy Whitaker 

Birthdays/ – Pam Gwin

Bulletin Board – Pam Gwin

Central Arizona Golf District Rep – Marlys Stannebein

Chip-Ins – Ann Bryan  

Directory –  Sherry Skogrand 

Handicaps – Sherry Skogrand, CoChair Margie Zener

Historian – Dorine Murray  

Membership – Janice Runnels, CoChair Sharon Powell

Member Orientation – Pepper Trautman (

Monitor (as of 11/17/2020) – Nancy Hewes ( (623-910-7900)

Photography – Sue Smith

Publicity – Teresa Pirkl

Ringers – Lois Petrik

Rules – Sherry Skogrand 

Safety – Sharon Powell, CoChair Marisa Chaney

Social – Sue Smith, Members:  Karen Freund, Joan Leuth, Emily Schowoerke, Jean Strum, Pat Roberts, Marsha Ross, Mary Ann Van Strykdonck, Marie Krause

Sunshine – Terry Nicks

Team Play – Chris Falasco

Tournaments – Lois Petrik

Web Site Content Manager – Linda Leng

Advisor and Past President – Jane Richardson

Committee Descriptions

A brief description of what each committee does is provided below:

AGA:  The AGA Representative is the club’s liaison with the AGA (Arizona Golf Association).  The representative will conduct the State Medallion competition for her club and report the winners to the AGA.  She will be responsible to post all pertinent information received from the AGA for her club.

Birdies, Eagles and Hole-In-One Committee:  Will record all birdies, Eagles and Hole-in-One each month and post the results on the bulletin board.  She will also be responsible for presenting the winners their money at the Christmas luncheon.

Birthday Committee: Shall be responsible for keeping an updated list of all members’ birthdays and compiling a monthly birthday list and posting it on the bulletin board.

Bulletin Board Committee:  Responsible for keeping both the outside and the inside bulletin boards in an organized manner with current information.

Central Arizona Golf District (CAGD) Rep:  Is responsible for signing up and collecting entry fees for members wishing to play in the Central Arizona Golf District blind draw events which take place one day in January, February, March, April & November as well as getting the results to the CAGD committee.

Chip-In Committee: Is responsible for compiling and posting a report on the bulletin board with each player’s name, chip-in hole and the amount paid for each chip-in.  She then places the winnings in envelopes for each person receiving a chip–in.  All members can participate in chip-Ins (including Social Members).  You must sign up each Tuesday for that day’s chip-ins and put your $.25 in the pot PLUS you must record your chip-in hole on the sheet on the counter before you leave the course in order to be eligible to received chip-in payouts.

Directory Committee:  Responsible for creating and updating a membership booklet to be distributed to all competitive and social members electronically in January of each year.  Supplementing an updated membership/change list as required.

Handicap Committee:  Responsible for all aspects of the USGA Handicap System, including the computation of each member’s Handicap Index.  Must verify that all acceptable scores are reported for handicap purposes, and that recorded scores are available for peer review.  In addition, has the authority to make the determination if course conditions are so poor that score posting should be suspended.  Post scores as “T” scores (Tournament Scores) for Club Championship, President’s Cup, Medallion Play for all participants.  Post Match Play and Ace & Aces scores for all participants as a regular play score.  Print and post updated handicap index reports on the 1st and 15th of each month. Attend a Handicap Workshop every year to retain Club Handicap Certification.

Historian Committee:  Is responsible for keeping all of our yearly history up to date in the binders that are kept at the club house so anyone can review them as desired.

Membership Committee:  Is responsible for enrolling new and renewal members in DVWG.  Facilitate membership in AWGA for GHIN Handicap system.  Maintain membership documentations and provide members lists and update of members.

Membership Orientation Committee:  Is responsible for holding monthly meetings with all new club members to orientate them with the clubs procedures.

Photographer Committee:  Is responsible to take quality photos of new members, officers, tournament winners and special events for posting on club bulletin boards, website, news publications and club historical book.

Publicity Committee: Is responsible for getting the clubs weekly results in the newspapers and the Rec Centers monthly newsletter as well as any other club business that should be published. 

Ringer Committee: Is responsible for signing up full members to participate in the Ringers competition, posting the individuals best scores for each hole on a weekly basis, and calculating and paying out Ringers awards at the Christmas luncheon.  Social Members do not participate in Ringers.

Rules Committee:  Responsible to have an overall understanding of the Rules of Golf and know how to use the Rule of Golf Book.  Attend a Rules of Golf Workshop every year.  

Safety Committee:  Is responsible to be on the alert for any hazards or unsafe conditions on the golf course or any of its environs.  Any unsafe conditions shall be promptly reported to the proper responsible individuals for resolution.

Social Committee: Will be responsible for forming a committee to plan, organize and carry out all social events for the club.  Attend board meetings and be prepared to present plans and progress for upcoming events.

Sunshine Committee:  Responsible for sending cards to any members that are ill or just need a little encouragement for situations that they might be dealing with.

Team Play Committee:  Will field a team of players for each scheduled match, prepare scorecards for each match with names and adjusted handicaps, act as chairwoman, when so designated, will be part of Committee for Resolution of Disputes, will announce DVWG clubs line up to opposing captains pursuant to tee time reservation requirements before each match and will keep an accurate, up-to-dates reconciliation of the overall matches.

Tournament Committee:  Is responsible along with the President for setting up all tournament dates and run the following tournaments:  Match Play, Club Championship, and President’s Cup and Ace & Aces.

Web Site Content Manager: Maintain the club’s web site, post news and information and post the weekly results of competitive play and the pairings for the next week’s play.

Monitor: The club members employ an individual to schedule groups and book tee times, compile results and assign winnings (for competitive play), prepare score cards for each week’s play, and generally oversee play each Tuesday.  The ‘Captain’ of each group (typically the first person listed for the tee time) pays the Monitor, for the group when she picks up the score cards for the group, and individual players then reimburse the Captain for their individual amount.