Day of Play Events


2-PERSON SCRAMBLE: Straight scramble.

2 TIMES 2: (2 person team, 2 weeks) 1st week: Best Ball (Gross); 2nd week: Scramble.

ACES OF THE MONTH: Players may participate in Ace and Aces once a handicap has been established and must declare Deer Valley as her SCW home course for the entire year. Gross and net scores for all players will be kept each week. At the end of the month, the lowest gross score(s) (participants falling within the 0-19 handicap range) for the month shall be the Ace of the Month. Net score(s) (participants falling within the 20+ handicap range) for the month shall be the Aces of the Month. All monthly winners compete on a Tuesday in December for the Special Event Ace and Aces of the Year. All participants in the December Special Event will receive a cash prize after the two winners have been paid $50 each. Participants do not pay sweeps for this Special Event. Monthly Ace and Aces for December will carry over to the next year.

BEAT THE CLUB CHAMPION: Play your normal game. Net score lower than the net score of the Club Champion is a winner.

BLIND NINE: After all players have teed off, nine holes will be identified representing the game of the day. When you finish your round you will check the board in the club house and use only the scores on the nine holes which were selected for the game of the day.  Subtract 1/2 of your handicap.

COLORAMA: Scorecard will be color-coded. On the flagsticks at each hole will be colored ring which will match one of the colored names on the scorecard. That is the person’s score you will use for that hole. Enter the net score for that person on the game line. One hole on each 9 will have not have a colored ring and that will be treated as a wild hole and you may use any score.

CRISS-CROSS: Record your gross score on each hole. At the end of the round choose the better of the holes identified on the scoring handout. Subtract 1/2 handicap.

EASIEST NINE: Add scores for the easiest nine holes (Handicap Holes 10-18) and subtract 1/2 handicap.

EVEN HOLES: Add scores for even holes (2, 4, 6, 8 etc.) and subtract 1/2 handicap.

FRIENDLY FOURS: Play regular game, count par 4’s only, and subtract 1/2 handicap.

GET ACQUAINTED TWO PERSON TEAMS: One best ball net. You must select a partner with whom you have never played.  Check with the Monitor if you need help.  Names may be drawn from a hat.

HARDEST NINE: Add scores for the hardest nine holes (Handicap Holes 1-9) and subtract 1/2 handicap.

INDIVIDUAL MODIFIED STABLEFORD: Score Points; 1 for Net Bogey, 2 for Net Par, 3 for Net Birdie, 5 for Net Eagle, 7 for Net Double Eagle, 25 for Hole-in-One. Total your points for game score.

LOSS GROSS/LOW NET: Gross and Net scores for all players by flight.

MEDALLION COMPETITION: Competition is open to all AWGA Members on the Member’s course on a Play Day and will consist of 2 best gross and 2 best net 18-hole rounds out of a designated 4 rounds. Scores will be posted as a ”T” score (Tournament Score) for all players.

MUTT & JEFF: Total only the scores from the par 3’s and par 5’s. Subtract 1/2 handicap.

ODD HOLES: Add scores for odd holes (1, 3, 5, 7 etc). Subtract 1/2 handicap.

O-N-E-S: Total score of holes 1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 11, 16, 17 and 18. Subtract 1/2 handicap.

PARTNER BEST BALL: One best ball net of twosome.

T & F: Use scores for holes beginning with T and F (2, 3, 4, 5, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15). Subtract 1/2 handicap.

TURKEY TROT TEAM PLAY: In rotation – record one best ball on first hole, followed by 2 best balls on second hole and 3 best balls on third hole.  Follow this rotation until 18 holes have been played. Total all best ball scores for the team. Winning team has the lowest best ball score.

REDEMPTION: (2-WEEK EVENT) Using same card both weeks, your Redemption Score is the better score on each hole.