How To Play

Signing up for a Tee Time

Pairings and Tee Times are established by the club’s Monitor – Nancy Hewes. Tee time requests are submitted each Tuesday for the next week’s play and turned in with the completed scorecards for the current week’s play.  Sign-up slips can also be found in the basket of pouches located on the counter/table with other DVWGC items on the day of play.  If you need to submit a tee time request separately you can fill out one of these slips on Tuesday at the club house or email Nancy at . Give Nancy the names/rec center #’s of others you want to play with and circle one of the time blocks to indicate what your preferred time to play is:  7:30-9:30, 9:30-10:30 or 10:30- 12:30, and indicated which tees (Red or Green) you will play from.  In the winter months we have lots of requests for the same blocks of time so you are not guaranteed to get a tee time in the block you request.

The pairings for next week’s play are typically posted at the Weekly Tee Times & Results menu item on this web site by end of day Wednesday.  You will also find an ‘alpha list’ of tee times on that page as well.

Once Golf Operations has booked the tee times, you will also get an email from the Sun City West golf reservation system and you can check your tee time by logging into that system and viewing My Itinerary under My Account at

Monitor’s Weekly Schedule:

Cancellations & Late Sign Ons

Each player is responsible for checking her tee time prior to the day of play on the club Web Site Weekly Tee Times & Results, the SCW Golf Operations reservation web site ( or by calling Deer Valley club house at 623-544-6016.

A player who needs to cancel MUST email the the Monitor (Nancy Hewes) at . If you are canceling on the Tuesday day of play please call the Deer Valley club house and call Nancy at 623-910-7900.  Do not call Nancy except in a last minute emergency – instead use her email address above.

During the winter months the Monitor will likely have a wait list of members who would like a tee time, so informing the Monitor as early as possible would be greatly appreciated!

Weather Related Delays

You can sign up to receive text messages on weather related delays by going to the SCW Rec Center website using the button below, and providing you mobile phone number and agreeing to the policy. 

Alternatively you can text “scwfrost” or “scwgolf” to 555888 to subscribe to text messages alerting you when there is a weather issue at our golf courses. Get signed up now to be informed the next time we experience frost or have to close a course or courses due to rain!

Rain Check Policy

The Rain Check Policy is defined by Sun City West Recreation Center policy, and is as follows:


Rain Checks will be given when:

– Rain has lasted more than 1 hour, or has the possibility of lasting at least an hour

– Cart path restrictions are put in effect due to ground conditions

– Specific holes are closed for play due to flooding or wet ground

Rain Checks will be given as follows:

– Rain checks will be given on a prorated basis for the holes that were not completed.

*There will be no refund of a paid round – Rain Check only.*

Weather Updates:

Call the weather hotline @ 623-544-6175 (1=PB, 2=TR, 3=DV, 4=GV, 5=EM, 6=SD, 7=DT)

There is no restriction on redeeming the Rain Check with regard to course or time limit.

If you have any questions regarding this policy, please call any of the 7 RCSCW golf courses at:
623-544-6010 PB; 6015 TR; 6016 DV; 6013 GV; 6012 SD; 6017 DT

Day of Play

Please check the pairings list here on the morning of play as it may have changed due to last minute cancelations and sign-ups.

You are encouraged to arrive at the club house to check in, pay your green fees and sweeps (sweeps are your contribution to the competition payout pot), at least 30 minutes before your scheduled tee time.

New Procedures as of 11/24/2020
If you are the first name listed for your group, you are the “Captain”.  Your responsibilities are:

  • Locate the basket with ‘pouches’ – prepared by the Monitor – on the Monitor’s table or the counter outside the club house near the DVWGC bulletin board and retrieve the pouch for your group (pouches are organized by tee time). The pouch contains the scorecard for the game to be played with information for how the game will be scored.  On the back of the scorecard is a sign up area for the next week’s play.  The pouch and/or basket may also have separate sign-up sheets for individual sign-up.
  • The captain should keep the scores for all the players in their group on the official score card.  The captain should designate a player to keep a back up score for the group as well. The captain is responsible for knowing the rules of golf and how the maximum number of strokes per hole is calculated.  The captain should have a copy of the Stroke Allocation per Hole based on Handicaps which can be found here. Laminated copies can be found on the counter or Monitors table … take it with you if needed and return it after the game.
  • Make sure that players understand the game of the day and how it is scored.
  • Ensure that the official scorecard is completed accurately – names, rec center #’s, tees, handicaps and scores (gross and net), and that cards are signed and attested at the end of play.
  • Collect $2 from each player and put the money in the pouch.
  • Ensure that sign-up’s for next week are completed (names are legible and with rec #’s and tee time preferences) and put in the pouch.  Note: the back of the score card has sign-up lines for 4 players, but you can make notes like ‘playing as a single’ and note the different tee time preferences as needed.  
  • After the round is completed return the pouch to the basket with scorecards, monitor fees collected and sign-ups for next week’s play.

NOTE:  DO NOT POST YOUR SCORES!  The Monitor will do this for each player at the end of play.
End of New Procedures as of 11/24/2020

There are four other ‘side games’ you can participate in each Tuesday – ‘Chip-Ins’, “Blind Bogey’, ‘Birdie’ (Eagle) and ‘Ringers’.

For Chip-Ins, put $.25 in the pot for ‘Chip-Ins’ on the counter or monitor’s table and print your name on the list near the pot before you start your round.  If you have one (or more) Chip-Ins during the round, print your name, hole # and Rec # on the ‘CHIP INS” sheet found on the counter outside the club house before you leave the course.  Depending on how much money was put in the pot and how many Chip-Ins were recorded, the pot is shared among that week’s winners.  NOTE:  you must both a) sign up and put your $.25 in the pot BEFORE your round AND b) record the chip-in on the sheet on the counter BEFORE you leave the course to be eligible for chip-in winnings.

To participate in the weekly Blind Bogey, put $1 in the Blind Bogey box located on the counter or monitor’s table and take a blank Blind Bogey slip.  At the end of your round, if your net score is within the range identified on the Blind Bogey slip (for play at Deer Valley the range is typically between 60 and 85), fill out the slip and return it to the Blind Bogey return box also located on the counter or monitor’s table.  Numbers are pre-selected until there is a Blind Bogey winner or winners.  NOTE:  we do not do Blind Bogey for those in Match Play as concessions can be given between players.

Everyone who plays is eligible for ‘Birdies’ and/or “Eagles” – there is no money involved.  If you have a birdie or an eagle on one or more holes, you print your name, score and hole # with a check mark if this was your first birdie or eagle ever at Deer Valley on the ‘BIRDIES’ sheet found on the counter outside the club house.  For your first birdie you will find a small gift in an envelop with your name on it in the box by the counter on the next Tuesday.  Note you can also mark Eagles and a Hole-In-One on this same sheet.  Special payouts for Eagles and Hole-in-One are made at a presentation at the annual Holiday Party in December of each year.  In the event there is no Holiday Party, the President of the club will make arrangements to give you the payout.

Beginning in January 2020 the US is adopting the World Handicap System which means that all Deer Valley Club members playing from the red and green tees and who have previously joined “Ringers” are eligible for participation.  Scores are entered weekly onto a spreadsheet by the Ringer Chairman.  (Spreadsheet is posted monthly in the Ladies Lounge.)  Monetary awards are distributed at the December holiday luncheon.  Again, if there is no holiday luncheon the President of the club will may arrangements to distribute the awards.

Be sure that you are not keeping your own score during play – swap cards with others in your group.  During play, you should play “ready golf’.  Putt out all putts – there are NO GIMMEES.  Observe cart path rules and stay to the right of the greens.

At the end of the round, complete the score cards for each player (gross, adjusted (if necessary) and net), sign the score card that you have kept plus the score card that contains YOUR score.  If you are Captain, you are responsible for placing the completed and signed cards in the pouch for your group and returning the pouch to the basket on the counter or monitor’s table (see information above).  Note:  Effective with play on Nov. 17, 2020 YOU WILL NOT POST YOUR SCORE.  This will be done by the Monitor. 

Make sure you post your Birdies and Chip-Ins on the sheets at the outdoor counter, and if you are participating in Blind Bogey, fill out the slip and drop it on the tray on the counter as well.

Following the day of play, the club Monitor compiles the results and the payouts for the competitive golfers.  The results are posted on this web site under the heading Weekly Tee Times & Results.  Any ‘sweeps’ money ‘won’ is placed on your SCW Rec Center account (which is shown as a “Credit Balance” on any receipt you get from the Rec Center).  If you put money in the pot for ‘Chip-Ins’ and ‘Blind Boggy’ – those winnings are in alphabetized envelopes at the counter or Monitor’s table the next Tuesday. You should check the box of envelopes for one with your name on the following Tuesday.  Winnings includes daily game, blind bogey, birdies, chip-ins and Ace and Aces.

Green Tee Regulations and Procedures

adopted January 2019
revised January 2020

The purpose of these regulations and procedures is to make members more comfortable playing and enjoy their round of golf.  As we age our ability to hit the ball the distance we used to in our younger years lessens and we become discouraged with our game.  As beginning golfers, playing from the green tees is a great way to work on our game.

We want to continue having higher handicap members enjoy Deer Valley Golf Course and continue to play with all their friends at Deer Valley Women’s Golf Club.

In order to have an actual Green Tee flight we will need to have at least 6 members playing the Green Tee’s.

The Regulations and Procedures can be found in the link below:

Deer Valley Golf Course Information

For information about the Deer Valley Golf Course.  Weather related course conditions hotline – 623-544-6175

Book a Tee Time

To book a tee time at other courses in Sun City West and/or for other than Tuesday play at Deer Valley Golf Course, register with and log-in to the Sun City West Golf on-line reservation system Sun City West Member Portal

NOTE: You must have a unique email address to register with Sun City West Member Portal and to receive email notices from SCW Golf Operations.

Post Your Scores via AGA

You may post your scores and review your handicap at the computer in the club house. 

Once you have an AGA Membership, you can review your handicap and to post a score for a Sun City West golf course, or any other accredited golf course in the USA or territories, by going to Arizona Golf Association to register and log-in.