Member News: updated June 13, 2019

April 25, 2019

Slate of Officers for 2020:

The nominating committee is pleased to announce the slate of officers for 2020:

President – Jane Richardson
Vice President – Marissa (Marti) Chaney
Secretary – Vicki Mitchell
Treasurer – Cheryl Patton

Election for the 2020 officers will be held at the General Meeting and Fall Picnic on October 30, 2019.  See Events Calendar for details.

April 12, 2019


Congratulations to Peg Wynkoop (Low Gross) and Vicki Mitchell (Low Net) our 2019 Medallion Winners!  These ladies won a 2019 Medallion Marker and a chance to represent our club in the state tournament. 
Peg won with a 159 Low Gross and Vicki, Patti Anderson and Teresa Smith tied with a Low Net of 132.  With a third score added for the tie breaker, Vicki won with a 202, Patti followed with a 203 and Teresa a 204. 
Results will be posted on the bulletin board by Tuesday afternoon.  See ya then!
Jane Richardson
DVWG Vice President & AGA Rep

April 9, 2019

Photos of Club Champion and Winners by Flight have been posted to the Club Champion page under the Archives menu.
Photos of the Spring Luncheon have been posted in the Photo Gallery.
Linda Leng
Web Content Manager

April 2, 2019

2019 Club Champion and Flight Winners

See Archives menu for photos of Club Champion and Flight Winners.

President’s News and Notes   


June 13, 2019 email from Margie Zener:

Good Morning Ladies:


The heat of the summer is here.

PLEASE PLEASE!!! PLAY READY GOLF….. No one wants to sit in the hot sun longer than necessary.

Summer Road Show – On July 2nd we will be on the road to our neighboring golf courses.  July 2nd thru Aug 6th will put us at Trail Ridge.  Phyllis is working with the lady that does their scheduling and we will get some EARLY tee times as well as some LATE tee times.

We will not return to DV until Oct 22nd.

Stay Cool…..

Margie Zener DVWG President

June 6, 2019 email from Margie Zener:

 I received the following email from Golf Operations.

2019 SCW Women’s Golf day winner from Deer Valley is RUTH SMALLDON. 

Congratulations Ruth!

 email from Golf Operations:

Hello All,

Thank you and your club for participating in this year’s Women’s Golf Day on Tuesday, June 4th.
We had over 125 women participate in this event.
Please find below the winners of the special golf towel and congratulation to all!

Patti Horobiowski Trail Ridge Golf Course
Susan Lewis Stardust Golf Course
Kathleen Lewek Pebblebrook Golf Course
Darlene Moser Desert Trails Golf Course
Ruth Smalldon Deer Valley Golf Course
Karen Benjamin Grandview Golf Course

If you could share the winners with your club members, we would appreciate it.

Thanks again for making all your members aware of this day!

SCW Golf Operations Staff