Membership Information

How to Join

If you are interested in joining Deer Valley Women’s Golf, you can contact the Membership Chair, Janice Runnels, at 818-388-7098 or

There is a brown lock box located next to the computer at the Deer Valley club house and membership applications are found in proximity to that lock box.  Fill out a membership application, attach a check and drop it in the lock box to join.

You may fill out a Membership Form and print it using the link below:


Once membership is confirmed, the new member will be contacted by the President and the Orientation Committee.  New Members are required to attend New Member Orientation, typically offered the first Monday of each month.

For competitive membership, the fees are as follows:

New Members  January 1 to June 30:

AGA Dues (1)        $35
DVWGC Dues       $20
           TOTAL                    $55

New Members  July 1 to July 31:

AGA Dues (1)       $20
DVWGC Dues      $20
           TOTAL                  $40

New Members August 1 to September 30:

AGA Dues (1)       $20
DVWGC Dues      $10
           TOTAL                  $30

Renewals for Next Year on or before December 15 of current year:

AGA Dues  (1)       $30
DVWGC Dues       $20
TOTAL                   $50

Renewals for Next Year after December 15 of current year:

AGA Dues (1)     $35
DVWGC Dues    $20
Late Fee             $10
TOTAL                $65

(1)  The Arizona Golf Association (AGA) membership is for maintenance of your handicap.  A Social Membership (i.e., non-competitive) is available which excludes this fee.  See (3) below.

(2) The AGA Dues are for Next Year but are collected when you join between Oct. 1 and Dec. 31 of the Current Year.

(3) DVWGC Dues are $10 for the remaining months of the Current Year and $20 for the Next Year.  A Social Member does not have a handicap calculated by the USGA GHIN system and is not eligible for winnings in weekly club competitions or tournaments.  Social Members have club voting privileges and can attend meetings and social functions.

IMPORTANT NOTE to those who maintain a handicap outside of Arizona:  Please attach a current handicap card to the back of your application.  Our Membership Chair will work to associate your GHIN (or similar handicap system) affiliation with our Club so you will be able to participate in competitive play as quickly as possible.

Central Arizona Golf District (CAGD)

Central Arizona Golf District (CAGD) is a separate local division of AWGA.  It was established to promote local golf competition in a team format.  The annual membership fee is $8.00.

Members, with a partner of their choosing are entitled to play in 6 tournaments at various local & private courses at very reasonable rates throughout the year.

In addition there are 5 monthly blind draw competitions.  The cost to participate in these is $1.00 per competition plus your annual member ship fee of $8.00 where you would be paired with another CAGD member.  The monthly blind draws are held in Jan, Feb, March, April & Nov.  Instructions on what needs to be done each time will be forwarded to you.  So the entire cost to you for the year is $13.00

Your $8.00 membership dues helps support four local golf charities –Desert Mashie Golf Club (Junior Program), Junior Golf Assoc of Arizona, LPGA*USGA Girls Golf Club and First Tee of Phoenix at Briarwood Country Club.  If you would like more information on any of these charities, contact the current club representative of the CAGD (see Committees menu item).

General and Board Meetings

General Meetings:  DVWGC holds four (4) general meetings each year, three of which are also social events (luncheons and/or picnics).  General Meetings consist of a business meeting of the membership where club business is discussed and issues regarding club decisions are made.  Agendas are provided. Members are encouraged to attend General Meetings to contribute ideas and opinions and support the Executive Committee in their management of club activities.

Board Meetings:  The Executive Committee holds monthly Board Meetings (typically the first Wednesday of the month from September through May) to address issues and the on-going management of the club.  Members are invited to the Board Meetings.

Member Lists

Member Lists in electronic PDF form are maintained by the Membership Committee and are available to members by contacting the chairperson of that committee.  The chair of the Membership Committee also sends the PDF file to all members as an attachment in a broadcast email in January of each year, updating the list periodically as the membership changes.

Handicap Lists

Handicap Lists in electronic PDF form are maintained by the Handicap Committee and are available to members by contacting the chairperson of that committee.  A current Handicap List is also posted on the DVWGC Bulletin Board outside the club house and is found on the sign up table each Tuesday.

Suggestion Form

Members are invited to submit suggestions to the Executive Board for all aspect of Member activity (Day of Play, General Meetings, Social Events, etc.).  A paper form can be found near the DVWGC Lock Box (on the counter to the left of the computer screen where scores are posted).  Simply fill out the form and place it in the lock box.  Including your name on the form is optional.

Dress Code

The Dress Cody Policy is defined by Sun City West Recreation Center policy and is as follows:


Female – Shirts may be with or without collars and sleeves. Shirts must be non-revealing in nature. No spaghetti straps, fishnet, tube tops, halters, midriff exposing tops, swimwear or the like.

Slacks, Shorts and Skirts – Shorts/Skirts must be mid-thigh in length or longer.

Footwear – Proper footwear is required to be worn on the golf course and practice facility. Spikeless/soft spike golf shoes, golf sandals, flat soled shoes are examples of proper footwear. Any footwear that would damage the greens is strictly prohibited. Shoes MUST be worn in the pro-shop due to the AZ Department of Health regulations.

All clothing must be hemmed and free of holes and tears. Any clothing displaying profanity, inappropriate wording or controversial messages will not be considered appropriate. If in doubt, the final determination of appropriate clothing will be determined by the golf shop staff on duty. Players must comply with their judgment.