Special Events


ACE & ACES:   Players may participate in Ace and Aces once a handicap has been established and must declare Deer Valley as her SCW home course fore the entire year.  Gross and net scores for all players will be kept each week.  At the end of each month, the lowest gross score(s) (participants falling within the 0-19 handicap range) for the month shall be the ACE OF THE MONTH.  Net score(s) (participants falling within the 20+ handicap range) for the month shall be the ACES OF THE MONTH.  All monthly winners compete on a Tuesday in December for the Special Event ACE AND ACES OF THE YEAR.  All participants in the December Special Event will receive a cash prize after the two winners have been paid $50 each.  Participants do not pay sweeps for this Special Event.  Monthly Ace and Aces for December will carry over to the next year.

GPDT (4 Club Tournament):  A social ‘shot gun’ tournament with participants from the four 72 par golf courses in Sun City West (Grandview, Pebblebrook, Deer Valley and Trail Ridge).  Individuals sign up to participate in the tournament and foursomes are built with A/B/C/D players from each club.  Each year one club hosts the tournament, and one club provides the logistics for the breakfast and luncheons served.

Team Play:  Team Play is an inter club partner match play competition between the women’s golf clubs at the four regulation courses (Grandview, Pebblebrook, Deer Valley and Trail Ridge).  Teams are set up with the 20 lowest handicap players within each club who are available for play on each competition day.  Played on Thursday, there are 6 matches (2 against each other regulation course).  The lowest handicap range for Deer Vally is usually from about 9 to 22.

Note that there are specific guidelines that apply to Team Play.  Those guidelines can be found here.


“E” cheivement:  The “E” chievement award is in honor of Carol Ellof and Pat Ehrmann, two outstanding women that carried the Deer Valley Women’s Club banner with pride, giving of their time and themselves to make Deer Valley a place we can all be proud of and knowing that we are a part of something more than just getting together to play a silly game.  Both of these women have had a hand in molding our club and bring us all together as friends and it is fitting that we honor their memory by creating this award. 

This award recognizes an individual member of the DVWGC each year for achieving “a career best round” played during league play at Deer Valley.  This award is not to be viewed as an award for the lowest score recorded for the year but to celebrate with an individual that experiences the joy of exceeding her own personal best score regardless of the score.  Every DV women golfer is eligible providing equal opportunity and challenge for everyone.